Logo_SimplyXECCO is the exclusive distributor of Simply-X entrance control and ordering systems

Simply-cinema is an integrated solution comprising the simply-control and simply-order products. It allows your visitors to pass the entrance control quickly and easily and also offers them the possibility to purchase concession articles directly from their cinema seat and to pay them electronically.

Your visitor purchases his/her print@home ticket online, books his/her seat at the ticket counter on site and receives a paper ticket or gets “credited” the visit to his/her customer card. At the entrance the simply-control.Gate validates the ticket purchased and grants the visitor entrance to the concession area. Here, the customer may already purchase the articles required such as popcorn, coke, etc. via the precharged customer card, electronically or, traditionally, in cash. When the cinema opens the visitor may place an order from his seat via the simply-order.Tab or the simply-order.App.

When the order is placed successfully, the concession counter receives the order, processes it and delivers the articles ordered to the visitor’s seat in the auditorium. Payment of the articles ordered is effected electronically via precharged RFID customer card or in cash. The exhibitor controls at which times the ordering system is active and the visitors may place orders via the server.

  • Easy ordering directly from the cinema seat
  • Significant increase in concession sales

  • Optimized services for your customers
  • Interfaces to ERP and to ticketing system
  • Easy handling of the software
  • Simple way to control supply through the exhibitor
  • Faster supply of your audience

Simply-Control – Scanning station

Sophisticated and effective self-scanning for your cinema!

The scanning station was designed for applications in which not only the technology is decisive. Its fields of use are mainly VIP areas, cinemas and theaters. Thanks to the 7“ touch display there are enhanced operating options. The acknowledgment of the scanning results is effected via a clearly perceptible LED light. The scanning station processes all 1D and 2D barcodes, print@home and mobile tickets as well as all common RFID media. Moreover, it can be connected to the network via LAN or WiFi.


  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 33.5 cm x 148 cm x 12 cm
  • incl. pedestal (w x h x d): 50.5 cm x 156 cm x 35 cm
  • Weight without pedestal: 16 kg (with pedestal: 30 kg)
  • Housing material: Stainless steel
  • Power supply (V): AC220 – 240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Energy consumption (On): 35,0 W
  • Display: 7“ with a resolution of 640×480 Pixel; luminance 400 cd/m2; adapted for outdoor applications

Simply-Order – Ordering system

Tablet-Installation im Kino Hausham

Tablet installation in a cinema in Hausham, Germany


VIP table

Boost your sales with ordering systems optimized to the needs of your customers!

The order can be carried out either with an integrated tablet or from a VIP table.

Both ordering options provide your customers with a comfortable and special cinema experience from the very beginning. Add our tablets to your orchestra seats and allow your audience an unforgettable evening with optimal service.


  • Easy ordering directly from the cinema seat
  • Comfortable delivery of the order to the visitor’s seat
  • Easy payment by precharged RFID customer card or in cash
  • Comfortable way of ordering increases concession sales
  • Easy way of supply management for the exhibitor
  • Individual configuration and combination of devised according to the customer’s requirements

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