Mönchengladbach, Germany – (8th December 2015) Marburg Cineplex is Germany’s first cinema to opt for the innovative Vive Au​​dio technology. “The younger public now want increasingly sophisticated technology and are extremely discerning, including in terms of sound. That is why Vive Audio was the obvious choice for us. In Screen 4 of our Cineplex, we always try to incorporate the latest technical developments and trends. That is why we have combined the new sound installation with a 4K dual projector,” explains Gerhard Closmann. In partnership with his daughter Marion, he is taking the cinema to the next generation.

The Cineplex in Marburg, Germany, has a history spanning more than 100 years. Formerly known as “Lichtspiele Marburg”, the Closmann family now operates under the names Capitol, Cineplex and Kammerlichtspiele, with 14 cinemas in three locations. In these cinemas, years of tradition meet state-of-the-art technology. With its 465 seats making it the largest in the multiplex, Screen 4 of the Cineplex now hosts a new Christie® Vive Audio™ sound system, installed to coincide with the James Bond premiere of “Spectre”.

Christie partner Ecco Cine Supply and Service GmbH from Hilden, Germany, was responsible for planning, delivering and installing the 7.1 surround sound system. The installation includes a CDA 5 amplifier and a LA4 line array speaker each for the left, centre and right. A CDA 7.5 amplifier and S215 subwoofer were used for the LFE channel. For side and back surround sound, they also installed CDA 5 amplifiers and LA4 speakers on the left and right.

The unique properties of the driver technology provide accurate sound replication, allowing the audience to hear all the sound effects wherever they are sitting, throughout the heart of the action. Thanks to their specialised construction, the speakers are particularly quick to react to signals. Noise interference is cancelled out.

The Cineplex cinema currently has seven screens and around 1,700 seats, and it forms the heart of the business. In 2015, it celebrated its 15-year anniversary. Since then, it has welcomed eight million visitors – a huge number for a town with just 80,000 inhabitants. In the mid-90s, the family-run business became the founding member of the Cineplex Group, a network of medium-sized cinema operators.

“We lay on a full programme, showing everything from the latest blockbusters to arthouse films and alternative content such as operas and ballets. We partner these with different events and special performances, which means we need technology that can work with a wide range of applications while providing great sound every time,” says Closmann.

The initial public reaction to the new sound system is promising. “We have only had the system for a short time, but we are more than happy with the results, and our most regular cinemagoers have commented on the great sound quality,” Mr Closmann is pleased to report.

He can easily imagine having another Christie Vive Audio system, but the next item on the agenda is to equip Screen 4 with Dolby Atmos. The existing system is already set up for this.


Quelle: Christie / ECCO