ECCO is the exclusive distribution partner of GetD 3D systems

The aspiring 3D technology group of GetD Tech (HK) Co., LTD was founded in 2005 and is located in Shenzhen, China. GetD develops, produces and delivers high-quality 3D systems and glasses at competitive prices for both the cinema industry and the education sector.

GetD grants a warranty of up to 5 years on its cinema products. These are the reasons why Sony and Disney put them on their list of approved 3D equipment. Thanks to reliable partners in the USA, Europe, Russia, Turkey, and India, GetD offers a comprehensive customer service.

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GetD installations

UHB Plus Light Trippler Polarized 3D System – GK910


  • Light Effciency: 30±1%
  • Contrast: 150:1
  • Crosstalk: ≤1.5%
  • Throw Ratio: ≥1.2
  • Net Weight: 9 Kg
  • 5 years warranty for Optical&LCD
  • Maximum Lamp Power: 7KW 32000 lumen
  • HFR: Yes, up to 240Hz
  • Screen: 2.4 gain silver screen
  • 3D Sync Port: DB37/DB15
  • Customized Brackets: BARCO/CHRISTIE/NEC
  • Actuator Mode: Automatic

GetD  3D systems feature …

 … and make a visible difference!

Active 3D glasses

Passive 3D glasses